Gardening jobs for September

by | Sep 8, 2023 | Uncategorized

  • Stake late bloomers such as Asters, Dahlias and Sunflowers.
  • Keep on watering
  • Repair lawns, once the soil is moist sow new lawns or repair damaged patches.
  • Give evergreen hedges a trim.
  • Keep sowing winter veg.
  • Cut your grass but aim to do it on a fine day.
  • Protect your brassicas, cover with netting to prevent birds damaging the leaves. Always keep netting tight to avoid damaging wildlife.
  • Increase your strawberry stock by sinking a pot of compost into the soil close to the plant and peg in one of the runners.
  • Prevent fungal problems in greenhouses by watering in the morning and opening the vents.
  • For a colourful spring display plant bulbs such as narcissus, alliums and crocus this month.
  • Leave seed heads in place to provide food for the birds.
  • Keep watering greenhouse tomatoes and chillies.
  • Prune summer fruiting raspberries and blackberries and tie in canes to a support with a natural twine such as jute.
  • Clean and fill bird feeders – scrub them thoroughly with hot water to prevent the spread of disease.
  • Clean bird boxes by taking them down, rinsing with hot water and allowing to dry before putting them back up.You could also line them with dry grass to make them warmer for smaller birds.
  • Tidy up ponds by removing faded flowers, leaves and stems of pond plants. Leave at the side of the pond for a day to allow any wildlife to find its way back into the water.
  • Continue to deadhead. Remove spent flowers from Penstemon, Roses and Dahlias to keep the display going into the Autumn.