Gardening jobs for September

by | Sep 9, 2021 | Uncategorized


  • Reseed bare lawn patches. Use horticultural fleece or netting to protect the seed from the birds.
  • This is the perfect tome to plant crocus, daffodil and iris to make a spring time display.
  • Move self seeded biennials such as foxgloves.
  • Prune jasmine.Summer flowering jasmine is pruned by cutting back to a strong new sideshoot below the flowered stems. Completely remove weak or congested stems to encourage new growth.
  • Plant perennials and shrubs while the soil is still warm and there may be les need to water.
  • Tidy hedges to keep them looking sharp over winter
  • Divide herbaceous perennials that have finished flowering. keep and replant only the most healthy and vigorous plants.
  • Control grubs in the lawn. If you have a problem with chafer grubs or leather jackets use a biological control.
  • Prolong summer displays.Keep containers and hanging baskets looking good by continuing to deadhead, feed and water.


  • Crop sweet corn. They are ripe when the tendrils at the end turn brown and if you push your finger nail into a kernel they release milky sap. If the sap is still watery wait a week or two before picking them.
  • Gather autumn raspberries. Finish harvesting autumn raspberries, but leave the fruited canes in place for pruning next February.
  • Pick pumpkins and winter squash. Harvest squashes later in the month, once the skins have hardened but before the frosts.


  • Leave areas of long grass to act as shelter for wildlife as the weather gets colder.
  • Feed hedgehogs. Help them to build up energy reserves before they go into hibernation by leaving out meat based cat or dog food or special hedgehog food.
  • Net your pond. Lots of decaying leaves reduce the amount of oxygen in the water and builds up silt at the bottom. Catch and compost fallen leaves instead.
  • Clear nest boxes so birds can use them for roosting in winter. Line them with dry grass to make them warmer for small birds.