Gardening jobs for October

by | Oct 12, 2023 | Uncategorized

  • Move evergreen shrubs. Take a rootball as large as possible. Replant in a new position and water in thoroughly.
  • Make use of fallen leaves, either by leaving them in flower beds where they will provide a habitat for for wildlife, or collect them up and make into leaf mould.
  • Leave windfall fruit for birds and insects. If it looks unsightly, throw to the back of the border.
  • Lift herbaceous perennials and divide them.
  • Take hardwood rose cuttings. Make cuttings from healthy shoots, first removing the soft tip. Cut into 15 – 30 cm sections, making a cut above a budget the top and just below a bud at the bottom. Insert the cuttings into the soil leaving a quarter visible.
  • Remove fallen leaves and debris from around alpines.
  • Clear away spent vegetable crops.
  • Start winter onion sets. Gently push into loose soil or plant into prepared rows.Delay planting until Spring on heavy clay soils.
  • Leave sunflowers and teasels. Their seed packed heads make feeding stations for the birds.
  • Mulch or sow green manure. This protects the soil from winter weathering.
  • Plant garlic now.
  • Delay cutting back herbaceous perennials. Leave some stems standing until February or March to provide shelter for invertebrates.
  • Plant out Spring cabbages.
  • Move citrus plants under cover well before the first frosts arrive.
  • Clean bird boxes. Use a brush and boiling water, not chemicals.Dry them afterwards.
  • Reduce mowing frequency.
  • Divide established rhubarb plants.
  • Store the last main crop potatoes.