Gardening jobs for November

by | Nov 2, 2022 | Uncategorized

Help bees, prune vines and sow winter crops

  • Remove any pot saucers for outside containers and replace with feet or bricks to elevate them off the ground and to stop the pots becoming waterlogged.
  • Climate change means that some bee species are increasing active during the winter, Help them out by growing winter flowering plants such as Heathers, Hellebores and Mahonia, Crocus are also great sources of nectar.
  • Replace broken stakes and loosen ties on trees and climbers to prevent damaging the bark as the plant grows.
  • Protect tender perennials from frost by putting straw or bark chippings under them, such as Penstemon and Salvias.
  • Plenty of vegetables are ready to harvest now, such as leeks, turnips, cabbage, cauliflower, kale etc.
  • Help prevent the development of mould and brassica downy mildew by removing yellowing leaves. Clear up debris lying around plants too.
  • Use grease bands and tree barrier glues to prevent winter moths climbing fruit trees to lay their eggs. Only use products that are sold specifically for this purpose to prevent entangling larger animals.
  • Rake up fallen leaves for the compost heap or to store in punctured bin bags with some moisture to create leaf mould.
  • Plant out spring bedding such as forget me nots and wallflowers.
  • If you dried your borlotti beans make a warming minestrone to remind you of summer days.
  • If you have a dead tree, consider leaving it standing as long as it poses no risk from falling to provide an excellent wildlife habitat.
  • Grapevines shuld be pruned at the end of this month, or in December, removing the side shoots back to two buds.
  • Remove any large figs on your tree, leaving smaller pea sized ones for ropping next year.
  • Plant out your own well rooted strawberry runners during mild periods.
  • Always check the bonfire before lighting to check that nothing has crawled in there for helter.
  • Hardneck, softneck and elephant garlic can all be planted now.