Gardening jobs for March

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Make the most of longer days to prepare your garden for the coming season.


  • Lift and divide summer flowering perennials. This helps to promote vigorous growth and makes new plants for free!
  • Now is a good time to move evergreen shrubs.
  • Remove the dead flower heads from Daffodils but leave the stem and Leaves to die back naturally.
  • Start hoeing bare soil regularly to keep annual weeds in check.
  • Assess your lawn and even out bumps and dips.


  • Plant one year old dormant asparagus this month. Prepare the ground with well rotted manure.
  • Harvest spring cabbages and cut a deep cross into the remaining stem to get a second crop of tiny cabbages or spring greens.
  • Prune figs to promote growth.
  • Prepare for sowing. Cover seedbeds with cloches or horticultural fleece to warm the soil during the day and to slow down heat loss at night.
  • Divide perennial herbs. Help to maintain the vigour of herbs such as chives, mint and lovage by dividing clumps every few years.
  • Finish pruning fruit trees and bushes before leaf or flower buds burst open.
  • Plant up potted up strawberry plants into well rotted organic matter.


  • Remove excess winter debris from your pond. Algal growth can be controlled by adding a bale of barley straw or a mesh bag with the straw in it allowing approximately 50g per square metre.
  • Direct sow hardy annuals such as cornflowers and marigolds in spare sunny areas of soil.
  • Check for pests such as aphids and caterpillars which can be a problem as the weather gets warmer. Check plants regularly and remove any pests by hand.
  • Plant Comfrey and use the leaves to make liquid fertiliser and it is also a useful groudcover plant as it spreads quickly.
  • Mulch bare soil.
  • Consider leaving a small area of your garden as a wildlife area, even a small patch tucked away somewhere will be beneficial.
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