Gardening jobs for June

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Uncategorized

June 21st is the longest day of the year and the extra light and warmth encourages the garden to put on an extra spurt of growth. However this extra light and warmth also means weeds will sprout up from seemingly nowhere so keep on top of them!


  1. Hoe borders regularly to keep down weeds.

2. Keep your plants healthy by watering regularly, pots will need watering every day,(early morning or evening is the best time).

3. Pinch out side shoots on tomatoes.

4. It is now safe to plant out your summer bedding and nursery or home grown seedlings once they are robust enough.

5.Mow lawns little and often, at least once a week and apply a high nitrogen lawn fertilizer if you did not have time to do it last month.

6. Stake tall plants such as Delphiniums and those with large flower heads such as Dahlias and Peonies.

7. Prune deciduous spring flowering shrubs ( those that lose their leaves in winter) after they have flowered.

8. Harvest lettuce,radish and other salads and sow more in between slower growing crops such as corn and kale.

9. Shade greenhouses to keep them cool and to prevent scorch.

10. Dead head repeat flowering roses and spray if disease is apparent.