Gardening Jobs for June

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Shade out your greenhouse. Open up doors and windows and on very hot days hose down the floor

Plant young sweetcorn plants in blocks rather than rows as it is pollinated by wind

Harvest early potatoes when flowers open or buds drop. Tubers are ready to harvest when they are the size of hens’ eggs

Boost your sweet peas. Keep feeding and tying in your sweet peas. Frequent deadheading will provide you more flowers

Take softwood cuttings. Young growth makes great softwood cuttings at this time of year, rooting readily. Take non flowering shoots up to 10cm long from deciduous shrubs such as fuchsias, mopped hydrangeas and mock orange

Raise mower blades in drought if you have a traditional lawn. This will help the lawn become more drought resistant, encouraging deeper rooting of the grass

Chop early perennials. After flowering, cut Oriental poppies, lupins and delphiniums back to the base for a new flush of foliage and , potentially, more flowers

Feed tomatoes. Use a high potassium(potash) feed once the flowers start to set.

Stake floppy flowers such as delphiniums and sunflowers

Sow kale, calabrese, spring cauliflower, Savoy cabbage, turnips and kohl Rabi for autumn and winter harvests

Mid June to mid July is the ideal time to sow Florence fennel.

Courgettes, pumpkins and marrows can be sown directly outdoors in warmer parts of the country in early June. Choose a sunny site and add plenty of organic matter

Lettuce and other salad leaves. Keep sowing small amounts every few weeks. in mid summer leafy salad crops may do better in part shaded spots, as hot dry weather can lead to bitter tasting leaves

French and runner beans can be sown directly into the soil or in small pots ready to plant out in a few weeks. For climbing beans, put supports in place first.