Gardening jobs for July

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  • Prune flowering shrubs that flower in early summer, such as Philadelphus and Weigelia, to healthy new growth lower down. Prune the oldest woody stems down to ground level.
  • Water new plants regularly
  • Pick sweet peas regularly and remove any seed pods. Give a weekly high potassium feed such as tomato food.
  • Divide bearded iris to encourage better flowering next year.
  • Keep mower blades high to make the grass more resilient to drought.
  • Increase your lavender, rosemary and sage by taking cuttings from non flowering stems.
  • Feed hanging baskets with high potassium fertiliser weekly.
  • Shape evergreen topiary.



  • Keep birdbaths topped up and remember to clean them often.
  • If levels drop top up your pond with collected rainwater.
  • Check for holes in fruit cage netting and make sure that it is taut to prevent birds from getting trapped in it.
  • Baby hedgehogs will be appearing now so put out some meat based cat food for them.




  • Start growing for winter and spring. Sow spring cabbage, turnips, oriental vegetables, chicory, fennel and salad for winter cropping.
  • Keep sowing salad and spinach.
  • Tidy citrus plants. Pinch out the tips of vigorous , leafy growth.
  • Water tomatoes to prevent them from splitting.
  • Sow late beans in a pot or directly into well prepared soil.
  • Encourage herbs. Pick leafy herbs regularly so plants continue to produce planty of fresh foliage.