Gardening jobs for January

by | Jan 1, 2024 | Uncategorized

  • Prune deciduous shrubs.
  • sow sweet peas.
  • Compost leftover cardboard.
  • Remove algae from paths with a stiff broom.
  • Resist the desire to tidy up every part of your garden.Fallen leaves and stems of herbaceous perennials provide homes for ladybirds and other beneficial insects.
  • Clean bird feeders with a dilute solution of disinfectant to prevent the spread of diseases such as avian flu.
  • Give houseplants the occasional water.
  • Keep off the soil to avoid compaction, if you must walk on it use a plank to spread your weight.
  • Cut off old leaves of Hellebores to control leaf spot disease and to show off the flowers.
  • Clean and sharpen tools.
  • Add winter flowering shrubs such as Mahonias, Daphnes and Winter Box( Sarcococcus).
  • Plant fruit as long as the ground isn’t water logged or frozen, Trees, fruit bushes and raspberry canes.
  • Move deciduous trees and shrubs.