Gardening Jobs for August

by | Jul 26, 2023 | Uncategorized

  • Tie in long shoots of rambling roses and then cut back a third of the oldest stems to the base. Shorten off side shoots by two thirds.
  • Keep picking peas and beans as the more you pick the more pods will form.
  • Order spring bulbs to make sure you get your pick of the varieties.
  • Shorten the long whips growth on Wisteria back to five or six leaves.
  • Sow quick maturing salad crops for an autumn crop.
  • Water rhododendrons and camellias with rain water to encourage the formation of next year’s flower buds to form.
  • Collect seed from hardy annuals.
  • Support branches of fruit trees that are heavy with fruit.
  • Prune summer fruiting raspberries. Cut back woody canes at ground level when the plant has finished cropping. Tie in six to eight healthy new canister plant and remove any excess ones to allow air movement through the plant.
  • Leave grass piles for worms. when you have finished mowing tuck a pile out of sight beneath shrubs attract more worms to your garden.
  • Damp down your greenhouse on hot days.
  • Lift and dry onions.
  • Summer prune espalier apples. Cut back side shoots growing directly from the horizontal branches three or four leaves above the basal cluster.
  • Give wildflower areas a summer hay cut. Leave the cut material for a day or two to allow the seeds to drop, then rake it up and remove into help reduce soil fertility.
  • Top up ponds.
  • Trim conifer hedges. Trim green foliage tightly but don’t cut into the brown wood as it won’t regrow. Check for active bird’s nests before trimming.