Gardening jobs for August

by | Aug 5, 2021 | Uncategorized


  • Tidy up perennials. Cut back spent flowr stems and foliage.
  • Take cuttings for more plants. Use this season’s non flowering growth to take cuttings from Choisya, Hebe, Cistus, Penstemon and Dianthus. Keep in moist compost in a warm, bright space but out of direct sunlight.
  • Gather seed for next year. Store in labelled paper bags in a cool, dry place for sowing next spring.
  • Water ericaceous plants. Camellias and rhododendrons in pots need regular watering as they are setting new flower buds for next spring.
  • Extend your potted displays. Carry on watering, deadheading and feeding your summer containers to keep them looking good.
  • Deal with vine weavil. It is an ideal time to apply nematodes as a biological control.
  • Feed house plants. Feed once a month, for flowering plants use a potassium rich feed.
  • Eliminate weeds. Hand weed and hoe off weeds in the borders before they set seed.
  • Give hedges a trim but check for late nesting birds.
  • Maintain lavender plants. Cut back lavender after flowering about 2.5cm into the flowering stem, but do not cut into old, brown wood.


  • Rejuvenate herbs. Encourage a new flush of foliage by cutting back now.
  • Remove old raspberry canes. Cut the fruited canes of summer fruiting raspberries to soil level.
  • Lift, dry and store onions. As leaves yellow and go over , lift onions and dry under cover for two weeks then store in net bags.
  • Remove surplus squash fruit.
  • Make new strawberry beds. Plant up strawberry runners from healthy parents Avoid disease by choosing a new spot and replanting every three years.
  • Sow green manure


  • Hold back when cutting seedheads. Leave some for wildlife during autumn and winter.
  • Clean water butts.
  • Leave fallen fruit. Windfalls are a valuable source of food for birds so leave or put on the bird table.
  • Support birds. Clean birdbaths regularly and keep them topped up with fresh water.
  • Don’t water turf, even if it is brown. Healthy turf will recover once autumn rain arrives.